Disqualified – Why ?

It can be due to several reasons, but the main reasons are: You’ve missed one of the sessions/motos You’ve been manually added to the race (you haven’t signed up) Your GUID was wrong when you signed up You GUID has been edited or bound to another user since the results have been published
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How to find my GUID ?

To find your GUID, it’s very easy. Start the game, go to the Profile menu, and you will see your GUID like on the attached screenshot. Since beta 16 you can press CTRL+C on this page to automatically copy your GUID. Since beta 17, you can click the [+] button next to your GUID to
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The license system

A license system exists in our Racing system. You may see some references to licenses on MyMXB but it’s not in use actually. More info later on this topic.
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